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  • Volume IV Title

    This summer, the second trilogy in the Alora’s Tear series begins. For today, let’s start with the title to book four.

  • Site Design 2018

    Welcome to the redesigned, the new home for Alora’s Tear and other writings by me, Nathan Barham. For most people, the take away is this: it’s fast! Like, really fast. Even if you’re on a limited mobile connection, should be one of the fastest sites you visit on any given day. And despite the speed increase, all of the content, features, and capabilities from the old site are still here (plus a lot more). If you’ve been following the book series since its debut in 2014 or if you’ve been following my writing on Apple, gaming, and other interests, you’ll notice more changes.

  • Critically Speaking

    While rebuilding, I came across the now defunct podcast Critically Speaking which I hosted with Scott Boren. The full 42 episode run of the show is still available at ShoutEngine if for some reason, you’re interested in listening.

  • Apple Software is like Windows Hardware

    I’ve recently been on a committee at work to select a Windows touchscreen laptop. We’ve tested a number of machines, and it’s only served to reinforce what I already knew to be true: most mainstream Windows hardware is trash.

  • Guest Post on Helheimen Design

    My brilliant cover artist, Isis Sousa, asked me to write a guest post for her blog concerning the work we did on Volume III. Now, when I say we, I mean she, since the real magic happens on her side, while I pester her about the details: a slightly different shade here, a smirk instead of a smile, a new armor texture, none of which I could implement myself (seriously, it would be awful), but all of which she somehow manages to get just right before we are finished.

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